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Holidays For Everyone

At BBLC we are extremely fortunate to have diversity within the center. It is important to keep this in mind as we go through the holiday season. Now, I am not suggesting that we have to “ban” all things Christmas in the center in an effort to prevent anyone’s feelings from getting hurt. I remember my high school administration started referring to the Christmas tree displayed on our roof as a “holiday bush”, which I think is taking it a little far….. but I do think we can all take a moment to learn about each other’s traditions and celebrate those differences!

Parents and teachers of children in the early childhood years have the unique capability to start strong in promoting diversity by helping all children learn to respect themselves and others. It is important to celebrate each child’s authentic culture. Teachers- take the time to really get to know each child and their family in your classroom. How can you include their traditions and what is important to them in your classroom? Parents- take the time to talk to (or email if that is easier J) your child’s teacher about your specific cultural practices. If you have time bring in a recipe or favorite holiday dish to share within the classroom. Send pictures of your family celebrating together to display in the classroom, bring in lyrics of the songs you sing, etc….. the list could be endless!

It is our job in early childhood education to set the foundation of a love of learning for a life time. We can all set a good example of this by learning from each other during this holiday season and celebrating each other’s differences!

To start out the conversation on holiday traditions here is a picture of my son, helping hang ornaments on our Christmas tree over Thanksgiving weekend. It might not be the most original tradition, but it is definitely one of the favorites in our house and this was the first year Luka was old enough to participate.

Please take some time to share your traditions by emailing pictures and descriptions to to add to the blog!

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