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Caroline Fortier-Brown - Lead Teacher

My name is Caroline. I moved to Madison from Maine with my husband almost 3 years ago and started working at Bee Balm. Prior to working at Bee Balm, I worked at a center in Maine primarily as a Float Teacher and before that I have worked in various childcare settings on and off for over ten years. I graduated from Manhattanville College in January 2017 with a Sociology degree. Since then, I have take two education courses to become Lead Teacher certified in a Preschool setting. Starting in March 2022, I will be taking a third class to become Lead Teacher certified for Infant and Toddler classrooms as well. During my free time I enjoy being outside with my dog and my husband. During the warmer months we love to go hiking, biking, canoeing and playing tennis, and traveling around Wisconsin, Maine, and other places. During the winter we love snowshoeing, and finding new ways to enjoy the outdoors and make the most of the long Wisconsin winters. My husband, Patrick, and dog, Tigger, and I are excited to welcome our first child/Tigger’s human sibling into our home in July. I am also very excited to be bringing my band with me to join the Bee Balm family.


Sarah Sitkiewitz- Classroom Assistant

I have been working at BBLC since April of 2005.  I'm a classroom helper in the Cherry Blossoms Room and also help to keep other classrooms throughout the center clean and organized.  In my free time I enjoy basketball, Special Olympics, and spending time with family and friends.  I enjoy working at BBLC and playing with all of the children.


Rachel Melvin- Lead Teacher

Hello BBLC families! My name is Rachel. I have been at Bee Balm since 2019 and have been the teacher in the Sweet Peas classroom. I love working with infants and watching giw quickly they learn, grow, and develop their personalities. I currently live in and was raised in Mount Horeb. I have 2 kids of my own, Dominic who is 4, and Winston who is 3. We love going to the park, doing art, and reading books! I love workimg at Bee Balm and getting to know all the wonderful families and kiddos that come here! 

Lili Flores - Cook  

My name in Lili Flores and I have worked at Bee Balm since September '12.  I'm the full time cook on staff and absolutely love putting together delicious, healthy meals for the children.  I have three kids of my own.

Becky Malta - Lead Teacher

I am so happy to be back at BBLC! I worked here before in 2011 in the Snap Dragons classroom and am so excited to be in the same room and getting to share all my experiences with these kiddos.  I have two kids, Molly and Alex.  When I'm not at work, I love playing outside with my kids, and shopping. 

Kelly Taylor- Lead Teacher

Hello! My name is Kelly and I am very excited to be joining the Sweet Peas room! I grew up in Beloit, WI but have been in the Madison area for about 15 years now. I have my Bachelor Degree in English from UW-Madison and have been working in childcare since 2019. I love singing with choirs and am currently a member of the Edgewood Community Choir. I have one daughter named Natalie who loves attending Bee Balm. We both love spending time with family and friends, going on adventures and Disney!

andie almond.jpg
Andie Almond - Float

My name is Andie. I am a floater teacher and a closer for the center. I began working at BBLC in February 2022. I am currently a Junior at UW-Madison majoring in Art Education. I love working with children because their view on the world is so optimistic, creative, and unique.

Outside of work and school, I enjoy creating art, playing instruments, and spending time with my friends and my pets. I have a puffer fish, a corn snake, and two Persian cats named Maisie and Bluebell!


Alix Heather-Jaeger - Lead Teacher

Hello I'm Alix and have worked at Bee Balm since February 2020! I am currently the Lead Teacher in the Cherry Blossom, but have also been the lead in the Winter Berries and Tiger Lilies! I am originally from Rockford, IL but moved to Madison after graduating from UW Whitewater in 2017! I have two daughters (Nani & Kaia) who currently attend Bee Balm. When I'm not at work you can find me spending time with family, reading books and finding new places to explore around Wisconsin!

Lyndsay Blohm- Float/Office Support

When I graduated with an Art and Design Teaching degree from Edgewood College in 2005, I never intended to work in the field of Early Care and Education (ECE). Out of necessity I moved and took a position as a Lead Teacher at a preschool in Green Bay. The first few months were rough, and I assured myself that it was temporary. It took time for me to realizae that ECE should be about building relationships and celebrating who children are in the moment instead of trying to force them into developmentally inappropriate expectation. That realization afforded me the luxury of falling in love with my work. Loving my work led to actively seeking advice and best practice from mentors and figures in ECE (Dan Hodgins and Bev Bos being my heroes). In seeking that advice, the importance and valueof ECE became apparent and "temporary" attitude I had faded.

Almost 20 years later, I find myself more passionate about and proud of the work I do than ever! I have been associated with BBLC since 2011 and my roles have varied over the years. Currently I coordinate curriculum, classroom environments, small group process art experiences and the garden program. Thankfully I get a taste of working directly with children in the classroom on occasion as needed.

When I am not at BBLC I enjoy creating, camping, gardening, disc golf and live music. Someday I hope to turn family land in Door County into a venue that encompasses all of those interests. My significant other of twelve years, Steve, and I live on the Northside with our dogs Louetta and Victor, We are considering getting married at the Blue Ox Music Festival in June 2022 - they stole our date!


Melinda Miles- Lead Teacher/Office Support

I am the Lead Teacher in the Shooting Stars room, and have been since January of 2013.  I'm a graduate of Purdue University where I studied biochemistry and was a member of the rowing team.  When I'm not working with the wonderful children here at Bee Balm I'm likely to be out on Lake Mendota, teaching high schoolers how to row!  I just love the small successses and constant laughter of working with kids of all ages.  Aside from coaching and rowing I enjoy riding my bike, canoeing, camping, playing Frisbee, and an entire gamut of outdoor pursuits.  I'm also a big fan of cooking and eating, reading, listening to and playing music, and making jewelry.

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