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Our Philosophy


Our main objective at Bee Balm Learning Center is the promotion of the welfare of our students.


We strive to:


  • Provide each child with an environment that is warm, nurturing and safe.

  • Encourage each child to develop a healthy self-image and a positive self-esteem.

  • Provide an environment where children can be children and enjoy learning about, exploring, and discovering their surroundings.

  • Provide each child with an opportunity to develop their own capabilities and interests according to their individual needs and talents.


Our Commitment to Our Families:


  • To provide our children with the highest quality of education and care.

  • To provide developmentally appropriate learning opportunities for all of our children.

  • To focus on the interest of the individual child.

  • To set the standard of excellence in early childhood education and care.

  • To listen and respond to our families' questions, comments and concerns.

  • To involve our families in their child's education and care and to form a partnership with our families.

  • To be committed to your family in all aspects of life.


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