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Frequently Asked Questions




What makes Bee Balm Learning Center a high quality education and care environment for my child?


Our school is carefully designed to provide the optimum experience for your child. Our classrooms and playgrounds are designed to facilitate peer interaction and learning. Each age group has their own classroom to provide a home-like atmosphere where children can develop essential relationships within small group settings.


What makes Bee Balm Learning Center unique and beneficial for my child?


Bee Balm Learning Center is based on the The Creative Curriculum and its eight learning centers for all our classrooms. You will find classrooms that encourage the development of the whole child, incorporating fun and exciting activities while challenging the children with fundamental educational tools essential for Kindergarten readiness.


Why should I send my child to Bee Balm Learning Center?


We often hear from our families that the reason they picked BBLC is because of the family friendly atmosphere. They feel as if they are leaving their child(ren) with family and they can go to work with a peace of mind knowing their child is safe, loved, and well cared for.  We have also heard that parents enjoy having the owner on site. It is easy to get answers to questions and personal situations can be handled in a confidential and respectful manner.


How does Bee Balm Learning Center communicate with parents?

Bee Balm Learning Center understands the importance of creating a partnership with the families we serve. Having a successful partnership means maintaining open communication between center staff and families. BBLC staff make every effort to keep families informed, using several methods that include daily verbal communication and written reports, e-mail, parent newsletters, meal menus, Brightwheel, and lesson plans. BBLC also offers parent-teacher conferences twice a year to review your child's developmental progress, as well as holds many family events throughout the year.


When can I observe or visit my child at Bee Balm Learning Center?


Bee Balm Learning Center has an open-door policy so you may visit your child at any time. Our building is security locked so only those with the proper identification and codes will be allowed to enter the building without a staff person from BBLC.


What qualifications, training and education do you require for your teachers?


All teachers meet or exceed the State of Wisconsin requirements for preschool staff. Each of our teachers at Bee Balm Learning Center is a member of the Registry. All Lead Teachers at BBLC have college degrees, and many Teachers and Assistant Teachers have college credentials or credits in Early Childhood Education.  BBLC also provides continuing education for teachers and all staff members are First-Aid, CPR, SIDS, SBS, and Child Abuse and Neglect certified/trained.


How much does Bee Balm Learning Center cost?


We do have a fee schedule that we would be happy to send you. Our rates our comparable to other high quality centers in our area. We encourage our families to schedule a tour and to discuss your scheduling needs with us, as we do have very flexible scheduling available in most cases.


Do I need to make an appointment before stopping in for a tour?


Please click on "Contact Us" link to schedule a tour. Virtual and in person options available.

Remember, we will always provide the highest quality of care, for you are a member of our family.
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