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Puppet Show

This morning Ms. Kaelynn put in a puppet show for the Liles. The show focused on feeling and how to work through our feelings. There were several short skits where different emotions were highlighted and problems solving techniques were illustrated.

For example: two friends were fighting over a toy car ( a very common occurrence in our classroom). One friend took the car from the others hands. He began to cry(showing sad emotion). The friend taking the car yelled at the friend, " I want it" ( showing angry emotion). The sad friend then says, " it's my turn. I had the car". The mad friend hands the car back and says, can I have it when you're done?"

The kids LOVED the skits. Puppet shows serve as a fun and creative way to teach many different social/emotional skills to the kid without expecting them to just sit still and listen to us talk. We SHOW them. And, excitingly, they tend to retain this form of learning extremely well! They were engaged, curious and excited for this experience!

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