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Adventures of the Water Lilies

Viola and Abel playing in the box that was donated to us by some very wonderful people. We love box play, it can be a car, it can be a rocket, we can color it, you name it!

Our new friend Magdalena using the shopping cart to help her walk and explore outside.

Viola reading in the library all by herself!

Magdalena and Viola getting out all the colorful balls to play with!

Viola learning about how magnets work:)

Abel wouldn't sit down in the sandbox because it was wet! We absolutely love playing in the sandbox every single day!

Abel loves checking out all the pictures in the books in our library.

Magdalena's first day in our room and loves playing and cleaning up all the new colorful balls!

The three musketeers sitting at the table and singing and clapping along to " If You're Happy and You Know It" while waiting for lunch.

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