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Staff Training Day

The teachers at BBLC had a wonderful staff training day!! Our day started with a "make and store" activity led by Caroline. We had the option of creating sensory boards, an egg carton puzzle, an alphabet monster, homemade mobiles, craft stick puzzles, and homemade musical instruments. Being as enthusiastic about crafts as we are, we had a great time and made some great items for our classrooms.

We then spent some time sprucing up and adding some great areas to our playgrounds. The infant/toddler playground added a shaded quiet space, a fairy garden, and painted shapes on the sidewalk. The Tiger Lily playground now has an obstacle course and large exercise balls. The big kid playground now has quiet reading spaces and will soon be adding a hammock and a path/race track for bikes. Along with these specialty projects, some gardening, and a thorough washing of the existing toys, we are ready for warmer weather!

After a lunch break, we then learned a lot of great information from Olyvia. She shared her passion of occupational therapy and gave us extra knowledge on sensory processing disorders.

We cannot wait to apply our new knowledge in our classrooms!

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