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Signs and the Solar System

Wednesday already! Time flies when you are having fun! :) Yesterday we spent time working in sign language during meal times. We have been working on this for a while now, and it seems like the children are getting better at indicating when they are "all done" and when they want "more." It's really been fun watching them learn how to communicate more. We also got to spend some time outside, before it gets cold again.

Today, we spent time talking about the planets in our solar system. Ms. Ashley used words like big vs small planets, closeness to the sun, colors of the planets, and generally just talked to the children about our universe. We also plan on having sensory play dough fun today! The children love to squish, taste (it's all nontoxic), and manipulate the play dough during this activity. And it's a great way to work on their fine motor skills!

We hope everyone has a great day!

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