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Yoga for Tots

Being a busy working parent (as we all are), sometimes doesn’t leave me as much time to exercise as I would like. Lukily, by a happy accident, I have found that my son Luka (age 2.5 years old) has recently been enamored with yoga! Although I may not get in the true strenous work out I might if I did yoga with out him, doing yoga with my son not only gives me a little bit of a work out, but it also lets me spend some quality time with him, while building some skills for him. What more could we ask for!!! To help you get started on your family yoga routine here are some great starter poses for kids.

P.S Jamie Gepner, the mother of Zoe in the Arctic Willow, owns her own Kid and Family Yoga business, little om BIG OM!!! Check out her website at for more information.

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