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The Importance of Early Literacy

Early Literacy will always be an important topic in Early Childhood Education. It is one of the reasons why we require “pre-writing” activities for children as young as 6 months old. It is why we have ALL of our materials labelled in both handwriting and print in the classroom. Not only does early literacy incorporate those “visual” cues, but also the auditory ones. This is why it is SO important to start speaking, reading, and singing to your child right from the very first day, or even en-utero. Those silly nursery rhymes that you hear us singing DO have a purpose. They are helping your child in their language acquisition skills by distinguishing speech sounds, when one word ends and another begins, as well as the meter and dynamics of speaking. Setting your child up for success early will only help them later in life. Click on the link below for a GREAT article on early literacy through the Birth (or Zero) to Three Program.

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