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Making the most of a rainy day.

Happy Wednesday Snowdrop families! What a cold and rainy day we have today. This morning we spent time working with stackers and manipulative toys. This is a great way to work on both fine and gross motor skills (grasping, pinching, transferring toys from one hand to another, reaching for toys, ect) but also works our brain power! Often while the children are playing, Ms. Ashley will ask them questions: "How many do you have? Let's count: 1,2,3!" "What are you doing with the blocks? Are you stacking them?" "Does the smaller toy fit in the bigger toy?" Talking to your children is a great way to introduce new words to them and to help them learn how to associate words with actions. Here are some great articles on the benefits of talking with young children: * * *

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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